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A woman laying down wrapped in a sheet looks to the side

Love Your Body Boudoir

& Self-Care

Photo Studio

Your Body Love You, Love It Back

Body Positive, Sex Positive, LGBTQ Safe Space

Closed for the moment for

Personal Health stuff

A woman poses in a man's shirt and sun hat
A nue woman holds her breasts and looks upward
A nude man wraps himself in christmas lights
A man is shownin multple overlapping positions

Self-Portrait Gallery

Pricing and Galleries

Take care of yourself by making art. Celebrate yourself and your body, make something about mental health, sex, gender, a social issue, your profession, your passion, let's make art about it!  Between image exchanges, face-to-face meetings, concept discussions, and a 3-hour shoot we'll create a shoot that captures you and your body.

Shoot &


The Shoot

The Pricing

Self love and self care should not be a privilege for a few with a high income. I run on a sliding scale system.


If I were to charge everyone full price for the shoots based on time, editing, storage, studio rent etc, the shoot would cost around $550, but I know not everyone can afford that.

So, whatever you can afford between $100-$600 is the price of the shoot, and includes everything listed above.

Additional retouched images are $10/piece and if you'd like a bound book or prints, I can work with a local printer to get those done. Price varies on size and number of images.

I want to build a supportive place where people have the opportunity to celebrate themselves without being concerned that they are spending the rent money.

You are welcome here.

10 Retouched images

Face-to-face meeting

3-hour shoot

Inspiration Image Exchange


$5/month and up

Access to more photos, process tips, thoughts on shoots, and practical tips

Contribution to helping keep my prices affordable for all people

Anyone giving $5/month or more to my patreon page gets a shoot every year with no sitting fee. Click on the image to learn more!

An abstract bridge is combined with a topless woman wrapped in a sheet holding one breast and looking to the side

A Cincinnati artist who thinks you've been sold lies about beauty and self-worth your whole life.

Who am I?

You don't need to look like a magazine centerfold or a runway model.

You are beautiful just the way you are right now. Simply because you are you.


Woman, man, gay, straight, or anywhere in between, Schedule a time,

and let's create images that love your body just as much as you do.

Most boudoir and self-care photography is based around the look of

editorial fashion and portraiture. Not that there's anything wrong with it,

my approach is just a little different. 


My background is in theater and fine art. I work to tell each subject's story

through conversation, collaboration, creativity and ultimately imagery.

You are a work of art, you should be presented as one!

Your body loves you, love it back!

A nude woman wrapped in a sheet looks to the side

"Before we began shooting Dan and I spoke at length, which helped calm any nerves I had tumbling around inside.We did some research together to find styles and poses I liked that would artistically represent our conversation. Throughout the shoot Dan would show me some of the photos he’d taken and I could not believe it was my body I was looking at in the camera! Dan was also very in tune with the mood of the studio; we had easy conversation throughout the afternoon. I appreciated his confidence in me and my ideas as well as his dedication to creating a photograph that fulfilled the mission of his project all while making me look stunning. I left the shoot feeling empowered and confident having seen my body in such a beautiful composition."

Tess T.

"This shoot was SO MUCH FUN! It's was collaborative, artistic, and made me feel exceptionally confident! Dan listens to everything that you want to come from the pictures and together you make beautiful work. Being new at this I also appreciated the very clear directions that Dan gives and how incredibly comfortable he made me feel. We rocked out to some music and had a blast! The photos make me feel like any part of my body I was ever self conscious about before is now my best asset. I'm incredibly thankful to Love Your Body Boudoir!"

Audrey M.

"Dan has a way of making something very vulnerable and intimate feel like an everyday thing. I’ve struggled with acne my whole life, and my body is doing strange things. But when I saw his photos from our boudoir shoot I forgot all of that. I just saw myself, and for the first time in a long time....I recalled my own beauty and sensuality. Can barely stand the wait to work with him again"

Teisha M.

"As someone who still struggles with body images issues I wanted to do a shoot like this because it scared me. The day of the shoot I was still crazy nervous, but I went anyway and am so glad I did. And Dan is the PERFECT person to do a first time shoot with. He makes it impossible for you to feel awkward, embarrassed, or self conscious, and I left the entire experience feeling empowered, refreshed, and more thoughtful towards my body. The more I looked into Dan's work I started to notice that every single photograph was uniquely gorgeous in it's own way and mine were no different. The first time I saw my photos was a powerful moment for me. They were exquisite and I couldn't be happier with them, I still can't believe they're me. All of us are so beautiful and if you're nervous to do this, push through and book a session. You'll be so glad that you did."

Alexx R.

Sadly, I am dealing with some chronic health issues, and am not taking clients while I learn to navigate it.

Thank you for understanding and I look forward to taking clients again!

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